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Accepted Papers

The following papers (in submission order) have been accepted for presentation:

  • Andreas Noack and Randolf Rotta. Multi-level Algorithms for Modularity Clustering
  • Alexander Souza and Kamal Al-Bawani. Competitive Buffer Management with Stochastic Packet Arrivals
  • Simon Gog. Broadword Computing and Fibonacci Code speed up Compressed Suffix Arrays
  • Raouf Boutaba, Martin Karsten and Maxwell Young. A Heuristic for Fair Correlation-Aware Resource Placement
  • Daniel Delling and Dorothea Wagner. Pareto Paths with SHARC
  • Riku Saikkonen and Eljas Soisalon-Soininen. Bulk-insertion Sort: Towards Composite Measures of Presortedness
  • Giuseppe Nicosia and Giovanni Stracquadanio. A Design-for-Yield Algorithm to Assess and Improve the Structural and Energetic Robustness of Proteins and Drugs
  • Reinhard Bauer and Dorothea Wagner. Batch Dynamic Single-Source Shortest-Path Algorithms: An Experimental Study
  • Adan Cosgaya-Lozano and Norbert Zeh. A Faster Heuristic for Strong Connectivity of Massive Graphs
  • Matthias Kirschner, Philipp Schengbier and Tobias Tscheuschner. Speed-Up Techniques for the Selfish Step Algorithm in Network Congestion Games
  • Lasse Kliemann and Anand Srivastav. Experimental Study of Non-Oblivious Greedy and Randomized Rounding Algorithms for Hypergraph b-Matching
  • Ernst Althaus and Daniel Dumitriu. Fast and Accurate Bounds on linear Programs
  • Hannes Moser, Rolf Niedermeier and Manuel Sorge. Algorithms and Experiments for Clique Relaxations - Finding Maximum s-Plexes
  • Bei Wang, Herbert Edelsbrunner and Dmitriy Morozov. Computing Elevation Maxima by Searching the Gauss Sphere
  • Peter Hachenberger and Mark de Berg. Rotated-Box Trees: A lightweight c-Oriented Bounding-Volume Hierarchy
  • Holger Flier, Thomas Graffagnino and Marc Nunkesser. Scheduling Additional Trains in Dense Corridors
  • Sylvain Lazard, Luis Peñaranda and Elias Tsigaridas. Univariate Algebraic Kernel and Application to Arrangements
  • Deepak Ajwani, Andreas Beckmann, Riko Jacob, Ulrich Meyer and Gabriel Moruz. On Computational Models for Flash Memory Devices
  • Jose Luis Lopez-Presa and Antonio Fernandez Anta. Fast Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism Testing
  • Otfried Cheong, Joachim Gudmundsson, Hyo-Sil Kim, Daria Schymura and Fabian Stehn. Measuring the Similarity of Geometric Graphs
  • Reza Dorrigiv, Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz and Ian Munro. Application of Self-Organizing Data Structures to Data Compression
  • Paolo Bertasi, Marco Bressan and Enoch Peserico. psort, yet another fast stable sorting software
  • Kevin J. Lang, Michael W. Mahoney and Lorenzo Orecchia. Empirical Evaluation of Graph Partitioning Using Spectral Embeddings and Flow
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